5 Enjoyable Activities To Do With Dementia Patients

Assisted and independent living residents often struggle with finding things to do in their free time. Many seniors aren’t used to being retired or not taking care of a house. This can make them restless. By developing a hobby, especially one they can introduce their grandchild to, they can have something to look forward to.


Scrapbooking is the ultimate hobby for people in assisted or independent living. Not only are craft materials very easy to find, it is a great way to combat memory loss. Grandparents can have their grandchild join in on the fun as they build a keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Model Cars

Building realistic cars is a great hobby that can be shared with children of all ages. While some smaller assisted living rooms might not have the right amount of hobby space, many facilities can help grandparents find tables in well-ventilated areas to paint or glue parts together. Choose a model that is important to Grandma or Grandpa’s past. This will help them keep their memories alive and make the project much more meaningful.

Card Games

Games are always fun to play with grandchildren. Teaching a child poker or blackjack doesn’t just give the discover here grandparent extra practice, it teaches the grandchild a valuable social skill. Bring the grandchild to the next poker game to see how the “experts” play and tell them stories of winning hands that were dealt. If the child is too young to get the hang of the rules, try playing Bingo instead.


Older grandchildren, especially teenagers, love doing yoga. These simple stretches are a great way to keep the body in tip top shape. Many senior independent living facilities in Traverse City offer yoga classes or have equipment readily available. Ask ahead of time if grandchildren can come to residential classes. If they can, make it a weekly habit!


Grandchildren love going on outings with their grandparents and being active. While Grandma and Grandpa may not be able to play on the jungle gym, there is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of strenuous exercise: golf. While younger children may not be enthused about a long golf game, miniature golf can usually keep their attention. Teaching the child to golf and taking them out on the green can be a great way Read Full Article to bond.

There are many benefits to having a hobby. For those who are looking for more independent activities to do, check with the facility. Many locations offer group crafts, dances, and other events that are child and guest friendly.

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